Positioning you for success.

For over 400 years we’ve presented unparalleled opportunities for our clients to take advantage of.

Intelligence Services

We present our clients with the opportunity to understand their surroundings, the climate and opportunities around them, to make well-informed choices in the most profitable manner in this ever-changing world.

Private Consultancy

We provide world leading private consultancy services to the wealthiest of individuals and corporations. We advise on matters concerning areas of strategic expansion, acquisition and sustainably profitable operation.

Brokerage & Management

We give our clients the ability to interlink and connect via our extensive intercontinental operations network for subjective collaboration and expansion.

Investment Advisory

We position our clients to the best point of profitable success via careful due-diligence, assessment and research in market areas that matter most to them.

Client Representation

We represent a variety of individual and corporate bodies in various roles across the spectrum of finance, mergers and acquisitions, providing a trusted safenet for all of our clients.

Private Equity

We provide the navigational support needed for our clients to make complex matters as simple to prosper and grow.

Some of our trusted clients

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TGI provides the prerequisite support our corporation needs. They have been instrumental in establishing successful relationships with some of our biggest partners.

Let’s Grow Together

If you’re looking to establish a profitable pathway and a resonating legacy then TGI is the right company to position you for achievement.

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