Our History & Heritage

TGI, or more commonly referred to as ‘The Global Index’ was first established and came into use by trading establishments setup by United Company of Merchants of England or more commonly known as the British/English East India Company, around 1615.

The objective was to measure, keep stock and provide accountability and insurance for all incoming and outgoing assets which would be shipped back into England through some of its trading establishments – these assets ranged from spices to calico and other textiles.

The index and its operators were instrumental in reporting back to the head offices of East India Company and heads of the trading establishments. As the years passed and the East India Company grew, the influence and methodology expanded with it to further outposts and trading establishments, even crossing links with other European merchants.

History of TGI Middle Header

By the late eighteenth century with further expansion afield, The Global Index became an independent corporation with its first corporate outpost being located in what today is Maharashtra, India with seven other outposts across other British colonies following suit in decades to come.

The expansion had added significant repertoire of additional services provided by the corporation, such as what today is known as ‘intelligence’ and express services such as supportive logistics for the then military establishments for delivery of mail and other goods.

Over the coming decades, and with dissolution of the East India Company by 1874, The Global Index had grown to operate independently providing merchants from all over Europe with the same services they had provided the East India Company and its establishments.

By 1945 with independence fast approaching, The Global Index started winding down and only one outpost remained in the original state of Maharashtra, India. This outpost served to provide vital information and intelligence services to European merchants – these services would usually include information on investment, logistics and matters concerning land, as well as brokerage and advice on governmental affairs.

By 1985 The Global Index ceased operations and had several mergers with several India-based corporations until finally being re-formed as an independent corporation in Guernsey.

Today, The Global Index has been updated, and its rich history and records preserved. The company entails to continue and expand on the legacy by providing exemplary services to all of their customers to ensure the standards of quality for which The Global Index stands for, and it’s rich legacy requires.